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The Homing Path

The homing path, through lost places to your soul’s niche.

The blazoned trail of the graffiti alley of life, is a crooked one ironic backstreets, where one may finds one’s nicheafter being displaced or are we always displaced and that is the purpose of the human, being?

Set against the oppressors of free language
who preach covert and explicitly oxymoronic messages 
of ways they do not, themselves, practise
filled with the contradictions, trope-filled symbols meant to confuse
and silence a minority who just want to be heard.

Stand not in honour, wrote Tennyson, where it is rooted in dishonour nor employ faith, unfaithfully, keeping one falsely, true cutting down the not-so-secret swing when, really, what harm was it doing?

The protagonist does not fit into the status quo the ‘quo’ that does falsely adhere to a black and white fallacynot is she in the fray of the nonplussed-without-actionfailing to build resolutionsand erroneously settling to the fallacious middle.

When lost in the sea of sameness — so is the downtrodden voice
the need to feel alive in this world includes finding one’s soul
spawning the drive to hone in, to a place or places
built through watershed moments of intuited synchronicity 
where the “I matter” actually matters.

This fuels genuine prognostication
as the protagonist faces an overwhelming 
sea of disingenuous, duplicitous messages
and through empathetic recognition, sees it for what it actually is 
and the path to a future potential is realized, differently.

Orienting self to stay true, keeping the ‘faith’ writing the way out of fake — making it real painting the canvas like Pollock, abstractions, de Kooning, freeing symbols expressionism of the mind and the soul.

A natural rhythm of heart and soul
like a bird’s chirp or an lion’s roar
hieroglyphics to the street artists, see Banksy, see the mogi-sim alley 
each bravely facing that continuum ranking system of judgments
from trouble-making vandal to endeared activist 
when all she wants is a rightful place in the meaning-making of things.

The homing path needs recording 
a device of voices otherwise lost
tagging iconic non-oppressed communing
skin, walls, blank space, spray, chalk, oil, acrylic
white space, ink, tweets, any medium will do
to render symbols towards empowerment

Juxtapose the thinking to embellish the contrasts, fuel the arguments as well as the resolutionsset the action for debates open to the meaning of synchronicity, 
not synchrony, of sameness, but rather of differences to nurture
expose the natural vibrations of consciousness
engage the meaning of those simultaneous occurrence of events
symbols of truths to embrace, to unravel, to explore, to have a voice.

Imply the presence of deeper intelligence at workunfold the homing signal, nurture the juxtapositions
and in doing so we create a conflict, ripe for contemplation
the need to bring order to chaos
meaning to the mystery, to disrupt conformity, 
as we actively engage in the mounting the hurdles 
with, through and beyond the cognitive dissonance.

Integration only with contemplation, with intuition as a tool of the wise
devolve for deeper understanding, connecting the pieces, 
resist only for deliberation, well beyond the blocking
lead with the leaders, relinquish-not the helm
commune with the community, extol the virtues of the masses.

Yet, aspire to retain the individual voice
nurture the energy sourced in fear, disrupt the equilibrium with creativity
and yet strengthen the bonds which synchronicity can reveal, to the open mind.

Scaffold with creativity, radiant birthing ohm to open the vibrations that fuels creativity
to widen, to close, the spaces that divides
opening the doors to discussion
use symbols to energize conflict yet deepen resolutions to move out of superfluous space of empty lives to integrate is the inguz of things, where there is a will, there is a way.

namasté, Leah J.🕊

‘Namasté’ is my bow to my community of writers and readers,symbolizing how important you are to me /the light in me, honours the light in you.

— namaste, Leah 🕊

Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology, writer/artist/teacher
© Leah J.🕊 The ART Matrix 2019
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