The Matrix

Life is an integrated 5-part matrix. There are five main parts. Each element needs to be balanced, connected and fulfilled for overall health.


Our human stream of consciousness holds it all together. At a deeper level we are connected soulfully and spiritual with a collective consciousness.

5 parts of life in the matrix

The Body

Our bodies are the bridges between earth and spirit. As spiritual beings, we are having human experiences. It’s essential that the physical vessels that are our homes stay healthy and vital. Real, holistic healing involves grounding our psychological and spiritual discoveries into the physical reality of our existence.

The Mind

The mind helps us to organize, plan, comprehend, create, visualize, discern, and use logic. But, on the other hand, the unruly mind can be illogical, ignorant, prejudiced, hateful, illogical and deluded. The mind can be used as either a tool of creation or destruction.

All of our suffering originates in the mind and the unexamined thoughts, beliefs, mindsets, defense mechanisms, and wounds that we carry. By accepting and carefully reflecting we can transform distorted thinking which support healthy living.

The Heart

The heart symbolizes our connections with the spirit as it transcends the mind. It reflects intuition, courage, vulnerability, gratitude, compassion and empathy. In essence, our hearts opens us to the world around us.

Pain, trauma, heartbreak, and toxic core beliefs all cause the heart to become closed or shut off from our true selves and others. We need to heal our hearts so we can reach spiritual, mental and physical wholeness and well-being. Wisdom and guidance is found through the heart.

The Soul

The ART Project framework embraces the idea that the soul is inseparably connected with consciousness, spirit and the mind.

The soul is to the spirit as the feminine yin/Shakti energy is to the masculine yang/Shiva energy. Within each us these two energy forms, interconnected and requiring attention to maintain harmony, and in a sense, create gender equality.

Shamanic healing techniques have been successfully used for thousands of years to help people miraculously let go of old trauma, emotional wounds, hurts, self-sabotaging patterns, energetic blocks, illnesses, diseases and more.

Think of your soul as your nascent self or genuine nature. It contains all the wisdom, guidance, and nourishment that you need on this earth.

It responds to life, to rhythm, to joy, to music. The purpose of the shamanic healing practice of soul retrieval is to gather as much of our life force as possible in order to live this life to the greatest degree that we can as human beings.

In many respects, there is nothing “sacred” or extraordinary about this per se; it is a natural expression of life.

Soul is a superficial and based on region and a period of time. Spirit is universal and eternal. Spirit has knowledge of how much power each and every activity needs universally and eternally.

Most importantly, an enlightened or ‘illuminated’ person is one who has united with Spirit and transcended the ego mind.


The spirit is the canvas on which the entire expanse of creation dances. This transcends the mind and ego and is the birthplace of all life. Everything arises and returns to this ultimate primal force.

“Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to one another by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that powered to one another is grounded in love and belonging. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning, and purpose to our lives.” –Brené Brown, Rising Strong

The Spirit is at the core of most religious and spiritual movements and traditions. The Light, Love, God, Brahma, Tao, Void, Oneness, and Infinite Consciousness are only some terms used to refer to the spirit.

Spirituality does not come from religion. We are not born with religion. We learn a religion. We are born with a soul and a collective, unifying spiritual sense of a power greater than ourselves.

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Namasté, Leah

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The ART of Living the Matrix

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