The Mind

The mind, of course, is one of five key elements of your identity matrix. My nurturing our thinking, we support the balancing, connecting and meaning-making.

The Matrix bring the five-parts of your identity together as a cohesive, balanced, interconnected whole.

Body ~

~ Mind ~

Heart ~

~ Soul ~

Spirit ~

The health of each of these parts affects the holistic health of the individual.

nurturing the mind

We differentiate our minds functioning into creative thinking of the right brain and critical, rational thinking of the left brain. Both help us to humanly engage in the world as we organize, plan, comprehend, create, visualize, discern, and use logic. 

🕊guiding principles

Intentionally strive to be fully self-aware

Explore your strengths and weaknesses. Investigate your body, mind, heart and spirit. Be engaged in the full realm of your identity-matrix.

Consciously seek knowledge, understandings and truths

Be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.
— Franz Kafka

Expand your knowledge and truth for insightful understandings of the world around you. Become a philosopher of life asking questions.

When we illuminate the darkness we bring in the light by being discerning, honestly reflective, and clear-minded. Consciousness is the energy which enables the creation of ideas, solutions. connections and growth.

Find balance and connections

Practice embodied and down-to-earth spirituality. Integrate spiritual practice with psychological growth and healing. Use both logic and intuition. Experience the feminine along with the masculine. Understand the principles of Tao and the yin-yang within and surrounding you.

Ground spirituality in daily life. Seek to unify all parts of your nature. Bring nature into your life as a dominant environment for exploration of your soul as well as other parts of your identity matrix.

Be prepared to work towards forgiving and letting go as you make new and different meaningful connections. Inherently, we seek the wholeness, balance, and and cohesive connections within and with the world. By respecting both your wild nature and eternal soul, you are permitting yourself to be both human and divine.

Connect with your inner nurturing other

Be passionate and sincere in a wholehearted, empathetic and compassionate way.  Be genuine, open, receptive, and humble. Pay attention to your intentions and strive to aim towards joy, balance and harmony.

Nurture yourself and be attentive to all of your needs. Become your own best friend. Practice self-compassion and self-acceptance with intrinsic trust and self-respect, unconditionally.

Being authentic, with integrity

Consider the fact that you are very unique.Gain deep knowledge of what this really is and means to the next part of the path you travel.

Find your truths and treasure them. Embrace this and take the path less traveled as long as it is genuine reflection of your truths from your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. Challenge the status quo and venture into non-conformity. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Practice radical authenticity as you take agency over your identity-narrative.  Do what feels true and honest to you. Listen to your calling and defend your authenticity, passionately and with integrity.

Respect both your wild nature and eternal soul 

Push the ego out of the way and let your soul and spiritual energies awaken with potency. Spend more time with nature where you are open to truths that are more genuine. In doing so you are permitting yourself to be both human and divine.

Everything has a voice in the way we express our nature. While it is true that many beings speak through sound — the laugh of an acorn woodpecker, the huff of an alert stag, or a thundering clap of lightening for example — these typify only one mode of speaking. A being’s voice isn’t always auditory or vocal. Not by a long shot. –John David Lynch

Watch for symbols that come to you by way of epiphanies, revelations or images. Dreams are valuable sources of archetypal images for soul-work and realizations. Accept these as opportunities for deep reflection which enable transformations.

There are other forms of language in the wild world, a myriad of expressions including pheromones, colour, texture, body posture or movement, art, imagination, dreams, ceremony, and ritual, nearly any kind of expression.

All are performed and practiced by a wild variety of beings. To be clear, when our ancestors acknowledged that all things could speak, they recognized that speaking occurred through a wild-language-expression of sorts.

A thing’s expressive voice did not only originate from the sounds it could make. Its voice included the ways it announced its nature to the place in which it was born.

Subsequently, a thing’s ‘voice’ could be its behaviour, the literal sounds it makes, its form (shape, colour, quality). or its envisioning of the world in which it lives.

In this space, where our deepest nature responds to the felt-presence of a world full of soulful voices, words have double meaning. Something said can have both inner and outer implications.

Metaphors, symbols, and images become reality. And with out self-reflexive witnessing, we can notice our true nature coming through in the conversation. We may be surprised at what we overhear ourselves sayings, and we may be even more confounded at the responses we receive from the wild world. — Lynch

Empathy is being able to connection with those messages, understand and respect them. Transformation is the evolution and adaption from the way we were, in history, even minutes ago.

But, on the other hand, the unruly mind can be illogical, ignorant, prejudiced, hateful, illogical and deluded. The mind can be used as either a tool of creation or  destruction. 

All of our suffering originates in the mind and the unexamined thoughts, beliefs, mindsets, defense mechanisms, and wounds that we carry.

By accepting and carefully reflecting we can transform distorted thinking which support healthy living. 

Namasté, Leah

© 2019 Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
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