Tools of Discovery & Empowerment

Empowering identity-narratives depends on your intentions.  Expand the strength of each part of your matrix with these 5 tools.

Discover how creative and critical thinking, strategies and skills enhance personal growth and life overall.

Each of the following is one of the 5 tools of discovery and empowerment.

~ joy and compassion ~
creativity ~
mindfulness ~
 ~ philosophy ~
symbols & totems ~

My vision is to empower the development of self-identity narratives and confident voices. It takes courage and vulnerability to live according to your authentic self, especially in this process in which we we embrace the challenges and the joy.

Through the use of creative and critical thinking, strategies and skills, deeper understandings and courage to take action is guided.

Finding the connections through the integration of philosophy, spirituality and psychology expands wholeness, balance and cohesive connections within and with the world around.

Delving into this matrix of being human on a spiritual journey does require an intentional attitude to build knowledge and understandings. And, by using these creative and critical thinking strategies and skills, we can also, importantly, expand joy within and from each of our matrices of life

study the science of art 

study the art of science

develop your senses, especially learn how to see

realize that everything connects to everything else

— Leonardo da Vinci

My vision is to holistically empower identity-narratives and confident voices. It takes courage and vulnerability to live according to your authentic self, especially in this process in which we we embrace the challenges and the joy.

Through creative and critical thinking, deeper understandings and courage to take action is guided.

the need for regular tune-ups

It takes work to pay attention and we need to turn up the volume to realize the truths. We have lost touch with our souls, which, with the heart, are the connecting links between the body and the spirit. If any of the links are broken or unwell, the whole system is affected.

Like the wolf, in the wild, we must be fierce, courageous, and connected to both our logic and intuition. Navigating through the shadows of delusion and deception, we travel this winding path seeking truths within the human matrix.

Personal and collective consciousness takes you past auto-pilot into a more intelligent agency of your identity-narrative.

You become more productive and relaxed, doing things that reflect a more balanced, courageous and authentic you. This extends the well-being of your mind, heart, body, soul and spirit.

Overall, the A.R.T. Project of life is anchored in the creation of a conscious, authentic, healthy existence. I embrace this and reflect it in my writing and life, with a candidly personal, academic and courageously, spiritual perspective.

This matrix of connections of the human condition is a web we weave – ripe for interpretation through philosophy and psychology, from the creative arts to health care and science.

The scaffolding journey through the matrix is empowered when we interact with the world with an intentional attitude of responsible being. This extends the authenticity and realization of our authentic core values, strong voices and solid identity-narratives.

Within the A.R.T. Project, these become the enduring benefits — the results of conscious, creative and critical thinking and actions. We have aesthetic, creative arts and we have A.R.T. processes. They are integrated in life with the interconnected matrix of the body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

For instance, I also enjoy art as in painting on canvas so that is part of my A.R.T. Project. Including aesthetic arts in your life is the other essential art to extend joy and creative thinking. This art is any form of expression that involves passion, play and joy.

Running or physical fitness of any type, ironically, is also an art. It is a ‘body’ art as a passionate pursuit that also integrates everything that the A.R.T. acronym stands for if I want to expand on my potential in that area.

Bring it together and we have the framework, foundation and essential guiding principles all within the scope of the A.R.T. Project. When I write my blog posts, this matrix underpins my philosophy and psychology of living consciously, courageously and authentically, with integrity.

personal consciousness …

And, it all starts from within. That’s where we decide that change is necessary and go forward with an intentional attitude. With mindful awareness, we are better at meaningfully connecting the ‘dots’ of our past.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path; and that will make all the difference.

– Steve Jobs, Stanford commencement speech

Personal consciousness involves being attuned to your authentic, confident, and conscious voice, identity-narrative and core values.

Every choice we make shapes our future. We need to think and act, consciously strategically and intelligently. I build on this in my essays but a term to bring it all together would be noetic practices.

… is a creative, intuitive and intelligent consciousness

Reflective and transformative practices and experiences influence well-being, creativity, intuition, and extraordinary human capacities. With conscious effort, this can greatly accelerates our potential to integrate noetics in their lives.

Psychologist and philosopher, William James, defined noetics as

… states of insight into depths of truth unplumbed by the discursive intellect. They are illuminations, revelations, full of significance and importance, all inarticulate though they remain; and as a rule they carry with them a curious sense of authority.

collective consciousness expands on the personal

In my essays, I reflect on collective consciousness as a holistic way of building on personal consciousness.

From the truth of our individuality, we extend our understandings of a meaningful existence as active members of the local and global communities.

Through the cohesive gathering of our diversity, we have an incredible opportunity. The unity of our conscious connections is strengthened as we embrace our unique experiences, knowledge, understandings and talents.

strong personal, intrinsic values enhances your collective ethical stance

Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre and Alfred Camus contemplate personal and collective consciousness from a more existential perspective. Thus, de Beauvoir calls for us to pay attention to the ambiguities inherent in connections, decisions and responsibilities.

When Sartre wrote Being and Nothingness, de Beauvoir moved into the writing of The Ethics of Ambiguity. The ambiguity she writes, is that each of us is both subject and object, freedom and facticity.

Therefore, with insightful acceptance and reflection, greater understanding of these fundamental attributes of having and using our free-will to better lives, is possible.

With this in mind, as freethinkers, we have the ability to take note of ourselves and choose what to do and think.

Ethics and core values are more powerful, sincere and authentic when they our choices–when they come from a genuine place within.

this builds a will-to-meaning

But, the will-to-meaning, as shared by Victor Frankl, puts the intuitive, personal consciousness in place, and by doing so, you reflect your purest being.

So, despite the ambiguity, we need to find our place in human freedom and embrace the personal and collective responsibility.

Namaste, LeahJ

~ sharing the A.R.T. of the healing journey in the matrix of bodymindheartsoul and spirit

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