The Awakening Heart

The Awakening Heart
A Vagabond Collection Post ~ on Consciousness

The acoustic waves in the ocean of consciousness
of the latent being, of the germinating seed
an oscillating ambient noise
matures in the melodious womb

this new leaflet unfurling
extracting, evolving, amassing
signaling through unbounded networks
along the empty, forested, moss laden path

vibrating out of the arid, lifeless desert
even of an empty, beaten heart
which seeks nascent expression
so the shadow can meet the light

a lucent ascension from a shadow of death
amid a maelstrom, where the myths lurk
contemplating the Sirens’ alluring sounds,
such tunes of dissension

an intense unspeaking, an ineffable,
enchanting silence extending ghostly impressions
as though we are prophecies divined
in this labyrinth of inherited sin

aching to be free from the burden
of embryonic history, then, of too much self, absurdity
misplace ethics enmeshed in portrayals of turbulent clashes
emanating in our intersecting existence

and to this swirling alchemy we carry the torch
of influence, to find meaning, colouring the artist’s white canvas,
scribing the writer’s wordless pages
with a halcyon breeze, the curtain oscillates, life

a gathering of consciousness is this universal language, of ether
which illuminates the sounds of the ethos
deeper codes of morality, of ethics
of animating principles of the compassionate being
and the awakening heart.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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