Author Biography ~ Leah J. Spence

Leah J. Spence is passionate about writing poetry and philosophy related to holistic health, psychology and spirituality. Graduate school education in the fields of writing, psychology, sociology and philosophy led to thesis work and a Masters degree.

After years of teaching students to write, full-time, Leah has turned her attention and dedications towards full-time writing career. Supporting other writers, editing and reviewing is an important part of Leah’s work.

Current projects

Leah is currently writing a book of poetry and prose reflecting an the philosophy and psychology of living the matrix: The Vagabond Art of Being Authentic.

When Leah is not writing, reviewing and editing, she maintains an active online social presence with the Writer Share Cafe. Working her way out of a mental health crisis with depression and social anxiety is further supported by balancing the ‘alone’ time with trail walking, running, art, reading and meditation when ever she can do so.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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