Writer Manifesto ~ Leah J. Spence

My Writer Manifesto is a one page self-assessment of my poetry from the perspective of a specific brand. I detail the influences behind my poetry, as well as the genres of poetry I feel comfortable writing within.

on abstractions, context, imagery and the senses

With reference to each of my poems, I appeal to the reader’s senses. I do this by drawing on an expanding reservoir of spiritual life which is universal and potent. With that, I clothe the potentially mundane with my own unique images, visuals, descriptive language and sensory details.

The abstractions and contexts are relatively common to most people but my use of imagery, comparisons and metaphors add unique supplements to enhance the vitality of the poetry.


1 ~ creative, intentional, giving attitude: ‘paying it forward’
2 ~ conscious, reasoned set of core values/worldviews
3 ~ solid, authentic identity-narrative with a freedom to resist
4 ~ empowering passionate, open, vulnerable sensibility
5 ~ holistic balancing of the matrix

We live and breathe creativity finding alternate solutions to problems, etching new ideas to familiar patterns and celebrating the unique and colourful people with whom we interact.

My life as a poet is described in The Power of Poetry Portfolio, my Author Biography, and in my Writer Manifesto. My Poems are shared in the Vagabond Collection and the Matrix Post Archives.

My Motto: Be the love, be the light, be-gin.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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🕊 embracing mindful, empowering transformations🕊

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