Writer Share Cafe (WSC)

At the Writer Share Cafe, I collaborate with writers and creatives. Much of my work is volunteer, or by client sliding-scale donation, in the spirit of paying-it-forward.

~ I review and promote authors, books, creatives, movies, and music as well as visual art and artists.
~ I help indie authors and creatives prepare their books, essays, articles, and online content for publication.

Sometimes, the synergy of a brainstorming session is all the writer needs to move forward to the next step of the writing process. All work is confidential and you maintain control over the process and the product, unless otherwise agreed upon.

the big picture

We discuss your work and your goals including content management to get the bigger picture as part of a personalized, professional service I offer. Sometimes, it is the consultation and positive feedback that indie authors need to get the publishing process underway.

With the editing services, it is not just about finding spelling or grammatical errors — it’s about acknowledging that the client is an author, publishing a book, that needs to prepared with care and professionalism.

my focus is on collaboration

What I most want to do is support through collaboration–a synergy of ideas creating more authentic and meaningful results for the writer/creative. There are three basic types of editing that self-publishing you shout consider:

~ developmental editing (“the forest”)
~ copyediting (“the trees”)
~ proofreading (the final scan)

questions to guide the process

~ Do you need help with structural editing including flow, organization and the transition of ideas?
~ Or, are your editing needs more along the lines of the next stage — the smoothing over problem areas in grammar, punctuation, spelling and overall consistency?
~ Possibly, you are very comfortable with the first two editing stages and need proofreading which is technically the final phase of the editing process.

the line edit focus

~ spelling, punctuation and grammar
~ style mechanics
~ capitalization and hyphenation
~ abbreviation, numbers and names
~ clarity, consistency, and correctness

the book reviews

In some way, each book on the Reading List and author I review fits into the vision of The Art of Being Authentic. At its very core, this means an embrace of unique perspectives and journeys enriching empathetic, wholehearted lives.

The Reading List shares the listing of the books. My reviews of those books can be found here. These are also promoted through links through Twitter @WriterShareCafe,

on the path of the art of being authentic

I have chosen the path of supporting the building, acknowledgement, expression, and sharing of authentic voices. On the path of discovery and empowerment, I seek to pay forward, professional and personal growth, creatively and philosophically.

The journey embracing holistic health is enriched as we learn from each other’s unique path and in the sharing, we gift them forward.

I look forward to more writing explorations with you. Get in touch and let’s work on editing your books, essays, articles, and online writing, together. Much of the work I do is by volunteer or donation.

Please do not hesitate to submit a portion of your work and an explanation of how I could assist you. We will move forward from them with discussion of the process in the spirit of collaboration.

I really do enjoy hearing from thoughtful people so please feel free to drop a note. Your thoughts, feedback, or questions can be sent to me using the form, found on the Connect page.

 namasté, Leah J. 🕊

🕊 the art of being authentic
embracing mindful, empowering transformations🕊

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