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Writer Share Cafe

The Writer Share Cafe offers writing workshops, reviews, editing, promotions and ghost writing with particular focus on poetry, prose, literary nonfiction.

The writing path of the vagabond is courageous, soulful, intentional, and passionate

The journey embraces holistic health with authentic voices, confident sets of intentions and core values. At the Writer Share Cafe (WSC) we share each writer’s voice as following unique paths, and in the sharing, we gift it forward.

From a personal perspective, every poem or story I write, and then post, is a huge leap out of my innate desire to stay in my fear cave (buried with a deeply rooted fear of rejection). So, when l posted this I was afraid of having an audience that would judge me, negatively. That is the driving force behind my depression and social anxiety.

Writing with an open-mind and vulnerability

1 ~ authenticity on a new ‘white page’
2 ~ my vision is to highlight the work of others and I can’t do that if I hide in my fear cave
3 ~ engaging personal growth towards sharing a confident, authentic voice

After much work through mental health recovery, I have pushed myself over many hurdles, to be brave. Resilience at the core of my being, along with extreme empathy and love of people, have driven me to persist. I need to write, share and interact, even if it requires a followup retreat to my mental health cave for a brief period after every posting. 

sharing, supporting and collaborating

I have chosen the path of empathy, authenticity and paying it forward, professionally and personally, creatively and philosophically.

The vision of The Vagabond Art of Being Authentic is the holistic embrace of the Matrix — body, mind, heart, soul, spirit in the global community. ART is the acronym for Accepting + Reflecting + Transforming, with integrity. The Empower Tools include establishing right intentions, core values, world views, insightful contemplation, nature, creativity and a confident, active voice.

your voice on a blank slate

The tableau rasa is buried deep
in the soul of the mind
a galaxy of stars which holds, in serenity 
the voice of your wisdom.

With the intention to unravel the mystery
your heart and mind are opened 
readied to hold the precious tender petals 
of your most authentic self.

Together, we can support each other’s diversity 
and also choose not to live
as one could in the shadowy 
allegory of the cave.🕊

Writer Share Cafe Writing Workshops

Workshop 1: The Portfolio Poetry Styles

Poetry is a form of literature which uses aesthetics and rhythmic qualities of language—such as phon-aesthetics, sound symbolism, and metre—to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, the prosaic ostensible meaning.

The application of different poetry themes, styles and forms brings abstractions to life with metaphorical language, visuals, descriptive language, and sensory details. Different poets style their poetry in very unique ways if they are following their authentic voice.

The Portfolio Poetry Styles

There are 5 main themes or styles which are highlighted on the Portfolio Poetry Styles page with poems which represent that form and poets write accordingly. The following list of styles links you to the WSC Workshops which are directly related to that particular form.

WSC Philosophical Poetry Writing Workshop

WSC Stream Of Consciousness Poetry Writing Workshop

WSC Confessional Poetry Writing Workshop

WSC Lyric Poetry Writing Workshop

WSC Free Verse Poetry Writing Workshop

Workshop 2: Poetry Writing Tips

WSC Poetry Writing Tips

Workshop 3: Writing with a Cultural Theme in Mind

WSC Culturally Themed Writing

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